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The leading manufacturer of shotblasting machines

Company STEM d.o.o. was established in 1989 in Nova Gorica with the aim to produce and develop shotblasting machines with top quality solutions for the purposes of surface treatment, such as shotblasting, matting, shot peening, stress peening, roughening, and so on.

The guiding principle of STEM d.o.o. is continuous development pursuing the technical and technological market demands in order to achieve the optimum quality of treated surfaces along with rational power consumption and the amount of investment.

STEM’s shotblasting machines are in operation in nearly all European countries, and also outside Europe (Asia, the Middle East, etc.). Our most important references come from the most prestigious European firms, and also from the largest foundries in Russia.


STEM d.o.o. manufactures shotblasting machines of various types and dimensions, and we also specialize in the
production of special-purpose shotblasting machines that can meet the requirements of even the most demanding
customer. Our standard programme includes the following types of shotblasting machines:

  • Tumble belt shotblasting machines
  • Hook shotblasting machines
  • Continuous hook shotblasting machines
  • Plates and profiles shotblasting machines
  • Turntable shotblasting machines
  • Mesh conveyor shotblasting machines
  • Tunnel overhead rail shotblasting machines
  • Shotblasting machines for billets
  • Shotblasting machines for gas bottles
  • Shotblasting machines for pipes
  • Single wire shotblasting machines
  • Blasting chambers
  • Cartridge dust collectors
  • Special shotblasting machines


STEM’s shotblasting machines are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and environments. In the course of
time, we have become well established and have gained the technological know-how primarily in the following fields
of application:

  • shotblasting of castings
  • shotblasting of forgings
  • shot peening, stress peening
  • shotblasting of aluminium castings
  • surface protection
  • thermal treatment
  • shotblasting in iron works and rolling mills
  • shotblasting for automotive industry
  • shotblasting for railway industry
  • shotblasting of concrete and stone
  • shotblasting of plastics
  • shotblasting of springs


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