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“CH” series shotblasting machines are designed to blast castings, welded parts, forgings, etc. They are especially suitable for blasting sensitive work pieces that must not strike one another during a shot blasting procedure. They operate on the tact principle with the setting of shotblasting time.

Work pieces are hung individually or in clusters onto rotating hooks that are fixed on trolleys on the transport rail. The transport rail may be produced in different lengths and with a different number of trolleys. At the beginning of a cycle, a cluster is moved into the machine, the door closes, and shot blasting commences. During shotblasting, work pieces on rotating hooks are spun in turbine jets, thus achieving uniform blasting of all surfaces. At the end of the cycle, the door opens, the blasted cluster is moved out of the machine, and on the other side a new cluster is moved into the machine.


  • Shotblasting machines of “CH” type are designed for shotblasting both small and big, as well as geometrically demanding pieces
  • We use them in technologies, such as cleaning and removing foundry sand and cores, rust removal and roughening, shot blasting of aluminium castings, forgings, welded parts, etc.
  • Work pieces rotate and oscillate during shotblasting, thus providing high-quality cleaned surface of work pieces of all shapes
  • “CH” series machines are especially suitable for places with high productivity due to its small amount of dead time, and in addition they can be upgraded into double machines, whereby doubling the number of blasting spots and raising the machine’s productivity
  • They can also solve transport problems on account of their ability to modify the length and shape of the rail and the ability to build in a power and free system
  • There is a selection of machines available with different sizes of work space and with numerous optional accessories which allow us to adjust our machines to the needs of even the most demanding customer.
  • Due to quality and robust production, our machines are designed to operate in the most demanding environments, such as foundries, forges, etc.

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