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Cartridge dust collectors of “CDR” series are dry dust collectors with replaceable cartridges and automatic compressed air cleaning of cartridges.

Dirty air from the shotblasting machine enters the dust collector through a pipeline, and there it is cleaned with the help of dust collector cartridges. Cartridges are automatically blown (cleaned) in the dust collector using compressed air that at certain intervals blows the dust off the collecting surface of cartridges. This dust that has been blown out of cartridges then falls into the trough of the dust collector and accumulates in a waste container that is placed under the dust collector, whereas refined air goes back into the atmosphere through the dust collector’s chimney.




  • “CDR” series cartridge dust collectors are designed for dry dust precipitation that is formed during a shotblasting procedure
  • “CDR” series cartridge dust collectors are very easy to maintain and reliable in their operation
  • Our cartridge dust collectors provide dust emissions of up to 1mg/Nm3, as prescribed by the strictest international standards
  • Dust collectors may also be equipped for dedusting combustible dust and with ATEX certificate
  • There is a selection of machines with different sizes of work space and with numerous optional accessories which allow us to adjust our machines to the needs of even the most demanding customer.



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