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“B” series shotblasting machines are designed for blasting products of mass production as well as those of minor series. Primarily, these machines are used for blasting grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel castings, and also aluminium castings, precise castings, forgings, and for deburring metal and non-metal products. Shotblasting machines of “B” series are produced in two basic variants, namely with a runner belt (R) and a steel belt (S).

Shotblasting machines of “B” type are called tumble belt because of the special shape of the belt that forms a loop in the shape of a tumble belt, whereto work pieces are loaded. Work pieces may be loaded into the machine manually or automatically with a skip in larger machines. During shotblasting, work pieces tumble continually in the loop formed by the belt under the jet of steel shot that is thrown by a turbine. After the blasting cycle is concluded, the belt turns in the opposite direction and work pieces are shot out of the machine.


  • During shotblasting, work pieces continually tumble in the machine, thus producing the optimal coating and high-quality cleaned surface of work pieces of all shapes
  • Despite their small dimensions, shotblasting machines of “B” series are designed for blasting mass-production products of large capacities, regardless of the material of work pieces
  • “B” type shotblasting machines with rubber belt are designed for blasting small and medium-sized pieces (filling volume from 40 to 720l), whereas steel belt machines are designed for blasting medium-sized and large pieces (filling volume from 140 to 1000l)
  • We use them in technologies, such as cleaning foundry sand from castings, scaling removal after thermal treatment, surface cleaning of forgings and pressed components, cleaning of aluminium castings, roughening, surface preparation for surface protection, deburring plastic castings, etc.
  • Larger machines have an automatic loading skip as standard equipment
  • All our machines may be equipped with unloading transporters (rubber or vibrating)
  • There is a selection of machines with different capacities and filling volumes as well as numerous optional accessories, which is why we are able to modify our machines to the needs of the most demanding customer.
  • Due to quality and robust production, our machines are designed to operate even in the most demanding environments, such as foundries, forges, etc.


Tumble belt shotblasting machines of “B” series may be equipped with a compressed air shotblasting system that includes one or more blasting nozzles that are fixed onto a movable system for shotblasting in the interior of the shotblasting machine.

These shotblasting machines are designed for pieces that are blasted with an agent that does not allow the use of turbines, such as corundum, glass beads, etc.


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