The guiding principle of STEM d.o.o. is continuous development pursuing the technical and technological market demands with the aim to achieve the optimum quality of treated surfaces along with rational power consumption and the amount of investment.

STEM company will continue to pursue the set objectives in the sense of quality improvement and development of shotblasting machines.

We will also continue our work in the development of semi-automatic and automatic lines in the area of surface treatment and metal protection in all industrial branches, such as:

  • foundries
  • forges
  • automotive industry
  • other metal processing industries (production of pipes, rolling mills, production of springs; production of welded constructions, gas bottles, etc.)
Naturally, along with everything mentioned, we maintain constant care to supply spare parts on time and maintain equipment at our customers’.


  • the company management provides everything necessary for the operation of management system in order to enable the continuous improvement of quality with goal of business excellence, and to ensure an appropriate attitude towards the environment and health and safety at work
  • we are developing and manufacturing sophisticated and technologicall advanced products, taking into account their lifecycle, all of which contributes to sustainable development of our customers
  • we are providing quality products for all of our customers
  • we successfully and efficiently achieve our goals and at the same time we can achieve or even exceed the requirements, needs and expectations of all stakeholders
  • we build a mutually beneficial partnership with our suppliers based on mutual respect and trust
  • we use natural resources wisely
  • we commit every employee to quality work and compliance with conformity requirements (legal and other) and towards an appropriate attitude to the environment
  • we provide an appropriate work environment in which all employees can creatively and motivatedly realize their personal and business growth
  • we take care of employee satisfaction, and at the same time all employees respect the prescribed and accepted elements of the management system
  • we are all educated and involved in all activities related to environmental protection and the importance of health and safety at work
  • the management regularly monitors and measures the achievement of quality levels
  • we regularly monitor and comply with the legal requirements
  • the management regularly communicates with the employees in the company
  • we are committed to continuous improvement of the management system