Shotblasting machines of “BAR” series are designed for continuous blasting of bars and rod-shaped material, such as bars, pipes, and billets. They may operate individually with its own rail or be built into an existing transport system.

Work pieces move along the rail that has special cone-shaped rollers until they reach the tunnel part of the machine. On the outer brim of the tunnel, there are turbines that provide equal cleaning and optimal coating of blasted surfaces from all sides. Shotblasting is turned on automatically, when work pieces travel under the turbines. Work pieces go on through the blow-off chamber in order for the shotblasting agent to be removed from exposed surfaces, after which they exit the machine.

These machines may also be equipped with manger, to where we unload piles of rods using the elevator, and these are then automatically loaded onto the roller rail using a special loading device. Also, an unloading device that unloads rods from the roller rail may be placed on the exit side. 



  • “BAR” series shotblasting machines are designed for all sizes of cross-sections and lengths of rod-shaped material
  • We use them in technologies, such as rust and scaling removal, preparation for surface protection, matting, roughening, etc.
  • They may be produced to blast one rod at a time or more rods in parallel
  • They may operate independently or be integrated into production lines
  • The possibility of building in routing shields that concentrate the blast jet on the surface of work pieces, thus providing maximum power efficiency rate and, consequently, higher operating speed
  • Parts of the machine that are exposed to wear are made of top quality wear resistant materials
  • These machines together with loading and unloading systems are produced with respect to the specific requirements of the customer
  • There is a selection of machines available for different sizes of rod-shaped material cross-sections and with numerous optional accessories, which is why we are able to adjust our machines to the needs of even the most demanding customer.
  • Due to quality and robust production, our machines are designed to operate in the most demanding environments, such as iron works.


In addition to the above mentioned standard machines, we also offer other already developed machines of various dimensions, and also machines with adjustments made according to the wishes of the customer, whereby it is possible to set:

  • the size of work space with respect to the cross-section of a work piece
  • the optimum selection of the number and power of turbines
  • the length of the rail and its load capacity
  • automatic loading and unloading device
  • the integration into an existing rail
  • to equip turbines with a frequency regulator