“KOM” type shotblasting chambers are designed for manual or automatic compressed air shotblasting of various work pieces, such as welded pieces, castings, forgings, railway wagons, containers, etc.

Work pieces are blasted in the chamber using compressed air that directs the blasting agent toward work pieces via a blasting nozzle. Then, a mixture of the blasting agent and residue falls into a trough, from where it is transported automatically to the elevator and air separator using scrapers and a transverse rotating worm. There, the blasting medium is purified, and after this it falls into a collection silo, ready to be used again. The shotblasting agent may be steel shot (round or granule), corundum, glass beads, etc.



  • “KOM” type shotblasting chambers are designed for blasting work pieces of large dimensions and weights, and complex geometries
  • The shot transport system using scrapers requires minimal foundation depth
  • We provide a minimum level of dust in the chamber, since dust that is formed during the shotblasting procedure is removed using a cartridge dust collector, whereas fresh air enters the chamber through the ceiling
  • The chamber may be equipped with a transport trolley or an overhead rail in the interior in order to manipulate work pieces
  • A partial or full automation of the shotblasting procedure is possible using shotblasting robots
  • They are used in technologies, such as removal of rust, preparations for surface protection, matting, roughening, etc.
  • There is a selection of chambers available with different sizes of work space and with numerous optional accessories which allow us to adjust our chambers to the needs of even the most demanding customer.


In addition to the above mentioned standard machines, we also offer other already developed machines of various dimensions, and also machines with adjustments made according to the wishes of the customer, whereby it is possible to set:

  • the size of a shotblasting chamber
  • the number of blasting nozzles
  • the possibility of automated shotblasting using robots
  • to equip the chamber with a transport trolley or an overhead rail