“SIW” series shotblasting machines are purpose-made shotblasting machines that are designed to blast a wire in a line of different cross-sections and thicknesses.

A wire is inserted into the machine, through which it is guided by special guide rollers. Turbines are placed at the machine’s periphery, thus providing the optimum blasting of a wire along its entire surface. These shotblasting machines also have integrated guide protection plates that concentrate the steel shot directly on the wire’s surface, providing a high energy efficiency rate. The operating speed of an individual machine is defined in accordance with the customer’s requirement.



  • Type ''SIW'' shotblasting machines are designed for blasting round, hexagonal, square-shaped, and flat wires
  • They are used in technologies, such as rust and scaling removal, preparations for surface protection, matting, roughening, etc.
  • Our machines provide the optimum coating and cleaning of a work piece and top quality cleaned surface
  • These shotblasting machines may also be equipped with wire rolling and unrolling devices
  • There is a selection of machines available for different operating speeds and numerous optional accessories, allowing us to modify our machines according to the requirements of even the most demanding customer
  • Due to quality and robust production, our machines are suited to operate in the most demanding environments


In addition to the above mentioned standard machines, we also offer other already developed machines of various dimensions, and also machines with adjustments made according to the wishes of the customer, whereby it is possible to set:

  • the size of work space with respect to wire diameter,
  • the optimum selection of the number and power of turbines in order to adjust the operating speed
  • the integration into an existing production line
  • the building-in of guide protection plates in order to concentrate steel shot directly on wire surface
  •  to equip turbines with a frequency regulator