TOR" type shotblasting machines are designed for blasting welded constructions, beams, and profiles of different shapes and dimensions. They are especially suitable for shot blasting work pieces of larger lengths. They can operate individually with their own rail or be integrated into an existing transport system. They can also integrate with paint application lines and drying chambers.

Work pieces are hung on hooks on the overhead transporter that transports work pieces through the tunnel part of the machine. On the lateral sides of the tunnel’s shotblasting part, turbines are carefully placed which provide the optimum coating and cleaning of a work piece, despite the fact that the work piece is not rotated in the shot blasting process under a jet of steel shot coming from the turbines. Work pieces pass on through the blow-off chamber in order for the shot blasting agent to be removed from exposed surfaces, finally exiting the machine.


  • "TOR" type shotblasting machines are designed for blasting long welded constructions, beams, and profiles, as well as smaller pieces that are hung on girders.
  • They are used in technologies, such as rust removal and roughening, preparations for surface protection, removal of old paint, matting, etc.
  • Work pieces are not rotated during the blasting procedure, however, due to a carefully selected angle and number of turbines, top quality cleaned surface of a work piece of any shape is achieved
  • They can also solve transport-related issues, because it is possible to adjust the length and shape of the rail and to integrate a power and free system.
  • There is a selection of machines available with different sizes of work space and with numerous optional accessories, which allow us to adjust our machines to the needs of even the most demanding customer.
  • Due to quality and robust production, our machines are designed to operate in the most demanding environments.


In addition to the above mentioned standard machines, we also offer other already developed machines of various dimensions, and also machines with adjustments made according to the wishes of the customer, whereby it is possible to set:

  • the size of work space
  • the optimum selection of the number and power of turbines
  • the length of the rail and its load capacity
  • a monorail or a power and free system
  • the possibility of integration into an existing rail
  • to equip turbines with a frequency regulator