Type ''T'' shotblasting machines are universal shotblasting machines that may be used for blasting a wide variety of work pieces, such as welded constructions, castings, forgings, etc. A carefully planned position of turbines provides the optimum efficiency and uniformly cleaned surface of all sorts of work pieces, irrespective of their shape and size.

Work pieces are spread out on a turntable, individually or alongside each other, so that the jet captures them on their lateral sides also. During the blasting procedure, the table rotates in the shotblasting chamber, providing the optimum cleaning of work pieces.



  • Type ''T'' shotblasting machines may be equipped with one or more turntables (satellites), allowing the loading and unloading of work pieces from the free table during blasting and thus achieving a higher level of machine’s productivity
  • In case larger load capacity of a turntable or a turntable of larger dimensions is required, it may be produced in the shape of a transport trolley that moves automatically to and from the machine
  • There is a selection of machines available with different diameters and load capacities of the turntable and with numerous optional accessories, allowing us to adjust our machines to the needs of even the most demanding customer
  • Due to quality and robust production, our machines are suitable to operate in the most demanding environments, such as foundries, forges, etc.


In addition to the above mentioned standard machines, we also offer other already developed machines of different dimensions, and machines with adjustments made according to the wishes of the customer, whereby it is possible to set:

  • the diameter of the turntable and the height of work space
  • the load capacity of the turntable
  • the optimum selection of the number and power of turbines
  • the productivity in relation to the modification of the number of turntables (satellites)
  • manual or pneumatic doors
  • an automatic transport trolley with a turntable
  • to equip turbines with a frequency regulator